Regular Programming Resumes

Just a quick update and set of announcements.

Firstly, I’ll try to resume regular updates on the blog, although I am dissertating pretty diligently right now.

In the news department, my previously forthcoming publications all came out within a week of one another, so if the blog interests you please take the time to look up these great publications (and this is an endorsement for the publications themselves not necessarily my contributions… though… I won’t discourage you from looking up my articles and film review…).

The new volume of Literature and Medicine came out (that’s Volume 31, No. 2, the Fall 2013 issue), it’s a special issue on World Literature and Global Health guest edited by Karen Thornber. She and the executive editor, Catherine Belling, offer an introduction and foreword, respectively, that really help tie the issue together. It features a lot of great work and is totally worth your time. If you’re curious, I contributed the third article, “Insecure Lives,” which considers the relation of global health, global security, and the biopolitical in the transmedia Resident Evil franchise, Max Brooks’ novel World War Z, and the Soderbergh film Contagion. The issue is accessible via project muse and here is a nice link for you:

Also out is an awesome collection on The Walking Dead edited by Dawn Keetley and featuring a compilation of stellar articles that focus primarily on the AMC television series, reading it through a series of critical lenses and really offering a deep and broad discussion of the series. My article in this collection, if you’re interested, focuses more on the comics than the show — focusing on the politics of security and survival that The Walking Dead and other zombie narratives represent. You can get a quick look at the preface and some of the chapter titles and order the book here: That said, viewing it on the little “Click to LOOK INSIDE!” tab on amazon doesn’t do the book justice (the typos and errors evident on that sample are not in the print copy of the book at all).

Finally, the super awesome journal Monsters and the Monstrous, which publishes creative and critical work on monstrosity in culture just put out Volume 3 No. 2, in which I offer a film review of World War Z (it’s a much more in-depth, film-reviewy sort of review than the entries that largely populate this blog).

Happy reading!