A Call to Arms from the Center for the Medical Humanities

I’m going to pass along this link: http://centreformedicalhumanities.org/how-on-earth-will-the-medical-humanities-make-you-a-better-doctor/

I won’t offer much summary or criticism, I think it stands on its own and is worth thinking about. In it, Emily T. Troscianko calls for a shift in the Medical Humanities, for collaboration and cooperation across disciplinary boundaries that goes farther than critique, establishes a curriuculum that does more than just offer a history of medicine.

It’s a very short, very good read and, I think, it is also a good starting point for a broader discussion about the role and structure of inquiry, collaboration, and insularity in the future of the university.

Academia is in crisis and adaptation and change are inevitable, we had better face them now and guide them, or suffer the results of our own inaction.

(hat tip to @anitaconchita for passing the article on to me via twitter)