Bio-Politics in 1911!

Bio-Politics in 1911!

So, I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled for research that might make its way into my dissertation revisions or my first monograph and I noticed this little gem in a footnote of Marius Turda’s Modernism and Eugenics

I’ve been under the impression that Rudolf Kjellén had coined the term, but I’m happy to see that the conceptual history of biopolitics (as a discourse) is longer and more convoluted than that.

So in this issue of The New Age, you’ll see “Bio-Politics” by G.W. Harris. This short diatribe is a (rather frightening by today’s standards) diatribe about enacting eugenic policies at the state level. It really drives home the very real relation between eugenics and biopolitics that is so often referred to without being discussed in contemporary literature. 

To me, this also reinforces the importance of considering race (and ethnicity and nationalism) when one evokes the discourse of biopolitics.

Read it and let me know what you think.

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